Podtours and Andrea Kirkby

I just hate tall people. Nothing personal, it’s just that every time I’ve ever been on a guided tour, one of them has managed to stand right in front of me whenever we’re supposed to be looking at something.

That’s why I started Podtours.  Downloadable audio tours on mp3, so you can just stick your earbuds in and wait to be shown all the secrets of Gothic architecture – the Florentine Renaissance – or the architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

Podtours have other benefits too. You can download them before you go, so you know you’re prepared. You can play the tracks in whatever order you like – if it rains, just choose something to do indoors and do the walk outside later. Or if you really can’t stomach any more stained glass, or need a cup of coffee – you’re in charge.

I did have a few other reasons for writing and publishing Podtours behind my hatred of tall people (only the ones standing in front of me, of course. Other tall people are fine.)

I enjoy travelling.  I’m fascinated by European history and art (and I know a bit about it).  I’m a journalist and a photographer (taking after my father). And writing Podtours is a lot  more fun than writing about investment, which is my day job.

If you like this blog, try my site:  Podtours. I also have details of my various pilgrimages to, and towards, Santiago de Compostela, with photos.


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